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Even though it’s rough, I still like this rendition better than the crappy picture in the Wasteiary. I adjusted the Grab from a +20 to a +10 because it just isn’t fun for players (at least my group). If anyone has a better solution for grabbing in general, let me know. I might steal from 4e and just make it a condition/melee ongoing effect.

I also spelled “stynger” wrong. It’s hard to keep track of all the silly spellings (spellyngs?).

  • Dual Membrane Wing Pairs: +15% Mobility, Hover @ -2 Ph. Energy Cost
  • Split Maw/Speartongue Assembly: +10 Grab, +5% Pierce Attack
  • Sktynger [sic] (Type: Immobilization): +5d8 Stab damage, x3 Poison effectiveness

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