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Hel-Space Axewurm

One of my favorite regions of Sharth is Midgoth, where the Vanirium PsyLords hold an uneasy truce with the Council of Aesiroth, and all other sorts of ridiculous twists on Norse mythology. The best twist is the Hel-Space paradimension, ruled by Shub-Hel, the Flayed Queen-Mother, where the damned souls of Midgoth merge with Shub-Hel’s Lovecraftian spawn. For Sharth this usually means lots of eyes and armored tentacles.

  • Multiple Hel-eyes: Nethervision, +17% natural aim
  • Nidhoggite Skull +5 vs all metals save Valhallium. +2d10 to all skull-based damage

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