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Cybataur, Platformized

I threw a cybataur band against the party last game and their shamanatrix was killed by a lucky cybax chop. The players loved the cybataurs so much that we replaced the shamanatrix with a cybataur tech-ranger. I love that there’s no distinction between PC and NPC stats: This insane game wouldn’t be nearly as fun if you couldn’t turn around and roll up a PC based on the last cool monster you fought.


  • ECM Implants: +2 vs. Elec.
  • “Personal Gunship” Shoulder-Mounted Regen-Cannons (3): x2 ammo regen, 1 bonus action
  • Level 7b Cybarm:+15% Cy-Bonus (left arm only)
  • Cybax: Factor 6 combat uplink

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