I can’t help from fiddling with other peoples’ games and making my own.


I love monsters! I like to invent, draw, consider, fight (vicariously) and play as monsters.


All my doodles in one place. I’m not 100% pleased with the gallery plugin (media-library-gallery) I’m using, so if you prefer a different one by all means let me know!

★ ★ What are those stars? ★ ★

There’s a lot of harebrained ideas around here so, as a service to you, playable items are rated.

Concept. An initial idea, the first draft, etc.
★ ★ Playtested. I’ve tried it out, adjusted based on some feedback, or likely both.
★ ★ ★   Final. Consider it a finished product. This doesn’t mean I won’t make updates here and there, but it’s been playtested by myself and others and deemed solid.


Way back when I first discovered roleplaying games, it wasn’t long after that I realized I could make them. Harlekin-Maus was my second attempt at a game company name. I no longer aspire to create a game company, but the name stuck with me.

Zak Arntson?

I’m an avid gamer, from tabletop to computer. I’ve designed board, card, roleplaying, and video games, and even had a few published! The following links cover most of my professional output.