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Send your sea elf gryphon slayer and ogreling witch-hunter on a players only romp through a dungeon created on the fly. Roll Annoy, Pain and Thwack-o dice for glory, treasure, and xp!


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3 Responses to Fungeon

  1. I can’t believe I just stumbled into this now. Can’t wait to try this out with my group. Thanks!

  2. Punkie

    First of all thank you for sharing this great idea. I wanted to force this upon some friends but do have a few “huh?”‘s that need dispelling first. Maybe they point to some misunderstanding so I thought it best to take it up here.

    a) quoting “Ability: +1 Resist Die vs. Type ” /quoting
    I was under the impression that there was for each monster one single Special Ability(SA) (note: more abilities per monster for 2.0?). That ability has perks (continuous hold and damage, universal damage) and annoy and pain dices associated.
    The resist dice against type are not connected in any way to the SA AFAIK. So the “Ability:” part of the feature should be removed?

    b) SA pain dices are bought by points. But when performing step 3 in combat “Third, everyone makes a Painful Conflict Roll. “, the monsters number of pain dices is not indicated. Is that also equal to monster level?

    c) What happens if a fire mage goes into battle with a monster lvl2 with 1 die in resist fire? I suppose 2+1 = 3 dice for the monster?
    But the other teammembers just fight a lvl2 monster, fight? So against THEM the monster can only pitch 2 dice. Right? or not?

    I am impressed with your collection for good and original ideas. Keep up the good work!

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